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General Hospital: More Spoilers 04.07.08


Here's some more Scoop!

The Blame Game...  We know who shot Michael but the residents of Port Chuck don't.  So who will be blamed?  Claudia and Johnny of course but they both have alibis.  I'm hearing Jerry is next on the list of suspects and he has no alibi.  What about his accident with Alexis?  It'll be Alexis who believes Jerry when he claims his innocence.  Don't forget, Jerry gave Ian the gun and one would assume that gun is going to be traced back to him. SPOILERS have Jerry coming clean about the whole thing.  When and to who???  

Monica and Jason... Remember I mentioned that these two just might kiss and make up?  It looks like Jason fills Monica in on her grandson and the two may make ammends. 

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Jason taking over the mob?  SPOILERS have had Sonny leaving the business and Jason taking the reigns.  The latest on that... RUMORS say Sonny does take a step back in the wake of Michael's tragedy and Jason steps in as the head of the Corinthos-Morgan Organization.  He'll start by tightening up the security that Sonny let lax.  Will this be a permanent switch?  RUMORS have had Maurice Bernard wanting a change in his character.  More RUMORS say Maurice will be leaving GH when his contract expires this summer.

StoneCold and Jackal PI get a lead.  Spinelli and Jason find a clue that points them in Ian's direction.  Will they know its the new doctor that shot Michael?  Not sure and neither is Ian who is SPOILED to be very nervous that Jason Morgan may be coming to get him.  I mentioned the RUMOR that Sam tells Ian about Jason being a daddy.  The RUMORS go onto say that Ian does tell Claudia.  What about Jerry as I mentioned last week, he's out for blood where Ian is concerned but threats against Alexis are RUMORED to happen and that has Jerry backing down.  Will Ian also be making threats towards Claudia?

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