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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations April 7.08

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Wow. I must say, I did get emotional today, and I didn’t think I would since I’m not a fan of Micheal’s or the Corinthos clan. Must be the hormones!!

Kudos to Sarah Brown. The look on Claudia’s face as she went from snarky biatch with Carly to understanding what Carly’s phone conversation was about and the look of shock, horror, fear, disgust all rolled into one was well done.

Kudos to Laura Wright. Thruout the episode, but especially when she took Micheal’s clothes and sort of lost it, dropping to the floor. And I loved the Jason/Carly conversation there, where he basically told her that he knew she wanted to freak out, but that it wasn’t the time for that and she needed to be strong for her son, and then she sucked it up and stood up.

Kudos to Nancy Lee Grahn. First, the freaky calm when she’s discussing the incident with Jerry and then Lucky and then her absolute freak out about why the mob does this to themselves, for the money, the power, the glory. Too bad it was directed at two police officers and not at Sonny and Johnny as it should have been.

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Jeers to MB. I guess that’s how they wanted Sonny to react, cold and dismissive and in denial, but geez, I got more pain out of Patrick than out of the father of the victim. And then he goes wacko on Jason and his logic makes no sense, since he’s the one who told Jason he could deal with the shipment on his own and didn’t need the guards.

The speed of light goes to Devlin, who managed to get out of the warehouse with the giant gun without being seen, go to the hospital and change into scrubs, all before the ambulance even got there. And he was way too calm and cool all things considered.

I’m not sure I understood the logic of having Spinelli find Lulu to tell her, except that it served the purpose of having Lulu yell at Johnny even more than she already was. Which, by the way, shut up Lulu.

Has Lucky been out camping for a week or what? We haven’t seen hide or hair from him in at least a week and here he is today, mussed up hair and a week old scruff of beard and no explanation. Weird.