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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops 04.07.08


Here's the Scoop!

Claudia, Claudia, Claudia... she's feeling guilty about her role in Michael's shooting and she'll pay a visit to his bedside.  SPOILERS have Claudia apologizing to the mini mob man and Carly walking in while Claudia is there.  What else is on board for the fantastic Sarah Brown?  More scenes with Rick Hearst!  Yay!  SPOILERS say Super Sex Barbie strikes again and makes the moves on the younger Lansing.  Ric turns Claudia down.  Will they still team up to take out Trevor?  RUMORS say yes!

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Kate has some words with Lulu and Luke offers some fatherly advice.  The fashionista is not happy with assistant #2.  SPOILERS continue to say that ultimately its Maxie that wins the job and she may even find more in common with Ms. Howard than just fashion.  Luke warns Lulu to steer clear of Claudia.  Will she?  Lulu's not staying clear of Johnny, that's for sure.  They're hitting the sheets, again.  

Scrubs!  They are making their way back together.  As we mentioned last week, Robin and Patrick will admit they still love one another and they'll agree to work on their relationship.  I'm hearing there's a nice kiss coming for these fanfavorites.  Who else is coming?  Grandma!  Anna hits town and finds out Robin is preggers.  She's not that happy about becoming a granny but she's delighted that her daughter's dreams are coming true.  Anna sits Patrick down for a nice long chat.  Remember, Robin is afftected by Michael's shooting and may even be shut out of the operating room because of her connection to him.  RUMORS for down the road... Patrick has a moment as a father when Robin grabs his hand so he can feel the baby moving.  Also, some SPOILERS say Scrubs will find out they're having a baby girl.  Let's hope they honor Georgie.


Liason Angst... why are those two words always together?  I mentioned in last weeks SPOILERS that Jason pushes Elizabeth away in the name of safety but she'll tell him no way she's sticking by him.  He may not take No for an answer.  SPOILERS have Jason walking away from Elizabeth and the boys but she'll continue to fight for her family.  Stay strong fellow Liasonites, they will be together and those move-in RUMORS are popping up again.  

Who's Diane sleeping with and better yet, is Alexis hitting the sheets with Jerry?  The BFF's will be discussing their bad boy attraction.  SPOILERS have Alexis and Jerry together and Diane with Max BUT, I have seen a SPOILER with Coleman's name in it.   If you're a fan of JLex, I am still seeing they are a go.