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One Life to Live: Starr's Pregnancy

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On this week's ABC Editon of Daytime Confidential one of the topics that Belinda, Karen and I discuss is the Starr Manning pregnancy storyline that we're watching on One Life to Live.


Pregnancy storylines are a soap staple but we rarely see storylines where the pregnant character in question is portrayed by an actress like Kristen Alderson who we've watched grow up on our screens and whose character Starr is just sixteen.

One Life to Live
is walking a fine line between trying to tell a socially relevant story or botching things royally. Could this storyline cement Starr's role on One Life to Live the way that General Hospital carved a special place in our hearts for Robin with Stone's death and her becoming HIV positive? Or will this end up being like Robin's HIV pregnancy storyline that many fans feel is being told with out any form of social relevance or thought to the realistic experiences an pregnant HIV woman would go through?

Then of course we have the issue of Starr's age, sixteen. When I mentioned to a long time ABC fan, who hasn't been watching much in recent months, that One Life to Live is having Starr get pregnant at sixteen they were mortified that the show would do such a thing. "How could they do this to our little Starr" they asked. My response, I wasn't sure.

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Realistically, there are only three ways for this story to play out. 1) Starr carries the baby to term and either keeps it or puts it up for adoption 2) Starr decides to get an abortion or 3) Starr loses the baby.

So where does this leave us the fans? Should the writers have waited until Starr was an adult before telling a pregnancy storyline? Should Starr carry to term and keep the baby or put it up for adoption? If she puts the baby up for adoption would the story be in danger of becoming all about Todd like it easily could or once Todd finds out about the pregnancy will it become all about him anyways? If Starr decides to have an abortion do you have confidence that it can be told right? If Starr loses the baby could One Life to Live tell the story without images of pregnant General Hospital women falling down stairs, being shot at, and worse dancing in our heads?