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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations April 8.08

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I like Kate, but man, I was hating her today. That early scene, with the four of them waiting outside the OR and Carly starts in on Sonny (rightfully so) and Kate gets all in her face and telling her to back off had me cursing Kate out loud. I’m sorry, but she’s only the father’s girlfriend and has absolutely no right whatsoever to tell the mother of the victim anything. It would have been different if it had been Jax, because he’s married to Carly and parenting Micheal. But Kate? At this point, she’s just Sonny’s current squeeze and should totally have kept her mouth shut and her thoughts to herself. As it is, I felt she shouldn’t have even been there and then Sonny got all “I need her” blah, blah, blah.

I liked that Jason came to Carly’s defence and screamed at Sonny. Usually we see Jason take Sonny’s side or try to be Switzerland, but this time, he was clearly in Carly’s corner and I was glad to finally see that.

I liked that we finally got a Carly/Jax connection and that Carly calmly told him to take his time coming home and not put himself in danger. To me that looks like she won’t be freaking out at him about being away when it happened.

Spixie: Could I love these two anymore than I already do? KS and BA were knocking it out of the park. This is totally a different side of Maxie, spending time with a friend who’s concerned and sort of understanding what her mother lost when Georgie died. And then in the chapel, Spin was actually talking coherently and the connection between the two was amazing.

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Trevor/Zs: Loved that the siblings finally got a brain and decided to throw Trevor under the bus, in front of Alexis. Too bad he’s got an alibi, although just because he’s got an alibi doesn’t mean he didn’t hire someone to do it, as we’ve seen with both Claudia and Johnny.

Nadine, stalker much.

Nik, so nice of you to have to see half dead Micheal before you remember you have a son of your own.

Claudia/Johnny: I love that Johnny has the cojones (and the guilty conscience) to want to confess. Because if it were reversed, you know that Sonny wouldn’t give a crap. I also liked the scene in the car. Claudia’s brain is going to explode on sheer guilt alone.

** Perkie’s observations will be on maternity leave for at least a week! I’m heading into the hospital tomorrow and if all goes well, we’ll be released on Saturday. I’m sure I’ll be in and out of here next week, because I just can’t stay away, but I’m not sure how regular the obs will be while life as a mom of two sorts itself out**