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General Hospital: Should GH Give Carly The Chance To (Briefly) Turn Back Time?


This storyline with Michael Corinthos being critically injured due to Sonny's mob activities has to be a bittersweet "I told you so" for a lot of General Hospital fans, especially fans of AJ Quartermaine. AJ lovers have said for years that Michael would have been better off raised by the Quartermaines, while Carson lovers are quick to point out that the Q's can be just as lethal and underhanded as the best, er worst mobster. But the question is, with her son lying near death, would Carly do things differently if she had it to do over again?

It's sort of like that Garth Brooks song "The Dance". If Carly had been able to look into the future and see how her choice to make Sonny her son's father would turn out, would she have done things differently? I think GH should address this issue in a very special two-episode fantasy arc, complete with Billy Warlock reprising the role of AJ. Carly could drift off into a troubled sleep and imagine just how things would have turned out if she had told AJ the truth about their son from day one and allowed him to raise Michael. Think It's A Wonderful Life meets The Godfather.

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GH could even throw Brad Maul a bone and bring him back as Tony Jones for the episodes. Might Tony and Bobbie have reconciled if he had found out earlier that the child Carly was carrying wasn't his? Would Jason and Robin be together and happy with Jason still running the bike shop? Would Alan still be alive since his heart wouldn't have been broken over losing AJ, Jason, Emily and Michael to Sonny? In fact would other Q's like Justus and Emily still be around for pizza at Thanksgiving if the family had never become so fatefully and fatally intertwined with the Corinthos crime family? A better question is, it something you'd want to see? Should AJ and the Q's have their day? You tell us.