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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops 04.08.08

Here's the Scoop!


Johnny and Claudia and more on the blame game...  Will Johnny want to fess up to their part in Michael's shooting?  He's really mad at Claudia but he'll agree to frame Trevor for the shooting.  Trevor warns the brother - sister duo that they have some big problems now.  

Michael's surgery is touch and go.  As SPOILED before, he'll make it through but Patrick tells Jason and Carly that the little boy is in a permanent coma.  

Alexis contemplates leaving Port Charles.  Ric gives his support to his ex-wife and tells her he'll agree to whatever she wants.  SPOILERS say its Jerry that convinces Alexis to stay put.  He promises to protect her.  Will this be the begining of JLex?  There are RUMORS out there that suggest Jerry and Alexis may have a secret love affair.  Maybe they can borrow the safe house from Jason and Elizabeth. 

Speaking of Liason and their safe house... they'll be having scenes there again.  Jason makes the decision to once again walk away from his son.  What about Elizabeth fighting for her man?  She does.  Elizabeth tells Jason she understands why he wants to stay away from Jake, but why can't they still be together?  SPOILERS still say that eventually these two will be out in the open.  Is it Sam telling Ian that Jake is Jason's son?  


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Logan... what's going on with him?  Well I am still seeing RUMORS that he'll be a part of the mob stuff thanks to Ric knowing his secret.  Has his injury changed his attitude?  That's another RUMOR out there and the change may not be for the better.  SPOILERS still have a Logan-Lulu-Johnny triangle but I am seeing a possible Maxie pairing.  What will that mean for Spinelli and Maxie?  It looks like Spinelli starts to have feelings for the wounded blonde one but they may just be friends.  Back to Logan... will we finally learn why he was discharged from the military?  Not sure but SPOILERS say its what Ric holds over the crabby commando's head.

Is there a hit out on Claudia?  SPOILERS say there is and it just may be Sonny who ordered it.  Remember Claudia and Johnny are the first suspects and they have alibis.  Will that matter to Sonny or will he take advantage of getting rid of the thorn in his side?  Jason may be calling off the hit, not wanting to make a rash decision until they know who really shot Michael.  There are more Jason and Claudia scenes coming. 

I mentioned more Claudia and Ric scenes.  They should center around ZaCrazy and Ric's desire to get him released.  It looks like Anthony Zacchara plays a key role in Ric's plans to take down Trevor.  Claudia doesn't like Ric sniffing around her dad.  Ric will question why Claudia wants to keep daddy locked up.  Will we learn Claudia's secret?  What really happened with her and her father? Not sure yet but it looks like Ric is looking into it.


Yesterday I mentioned Jerry spilling all but to who and what is he exactly spilling?  RUMORS have him telling Alexis who Dr. Devlin really is.  We already know Ian is the plastic surgeon behind Jerry's new face but the RUMORS say Dr. Devlin is holding that over Jerry's head.  Obviously Jerry changed his appearance to hide from someone and Ian knows who he's hiding from.  SPOILERS say Ian will threaten to expose Jerry if he comes after him or exposes him as Michael's shooter.  Also, as I speculated, we may learn that Ian is behind that briefcase full of vials that were the center of the MetroCourt hostage crisis.  Will Alexis regret knowing the truth about Ian and will she tell Sam?  Is it self preservation for Jerry?  No.  The people that are after him, will go after everyone he cares about.  This should be the threat that is made against Alexis. Ian knows Jerry has a weakness where Alexis is concerned.

Scrubs and baby talk.  Actually more like health talk as the pair discuss Robin's drug regimen to control her HIV and the effects it could have on the baby.  SPOILERS have them being at odds over who is priority should a health issue arise, Robin or the baby.  

Fanfic or SPOILER, you be the judge.   A rape happening?  There are RUMORS that ZaCrazy does make it out of his padded cell thanks to Ric and that he's not as sane as that doctor said.  Remember Leyla looks like Anthony's dead wife.  So here's how the SPOILERS go, ZaCrazy gets out and at some point rapes Leyla.  Claudia comes to the rescue and kills her father.  Will this bring up her past?  Is this just a good Fanfic or a legit SPOILER?