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Nelson Branco Is At It Again

Our pal Nelson Branco is at it again, hilariously raving about the dragtasic beeyouch-isity (words "dragtastic" and "beeyouch-isity" pending approval by Webster's Dictionary) of Chloe's catfights with Nicole on Days of Our Lives.

In the latest edition of his TV Guide Canada column The Nelson Ratings, Branco also writes about how much he is loving Tamara Braun's hellraising stint as eyepatch fetishist Ava. While I too am loving her in Salem, I will have to disagree with our BFF on calling my Tam's stint as the ultimate Carly Corinthos (Gasp!) "one-dimensional". 

Nelson and I also don't see eyepatch to eyepatch on Young and the Restless' Gloria and Alistair. In his column he says Judith Chapman and Jerry Douglas deserve Emmys, I say I'd rather have an enema than watch one more scene of these Circus performers roaming about the sacred Abbott mansion. But that's okay, it's alright to disagree with your friends. That's what good booze and My Space karaoke is for! I tell you it works better than a U.N. Peace Treaty, but then, what doesn't?

Nelson goes on to point out how much more tolerable Melissa Archer and Michael Easton's characters Natalie and John are now that they've been apart for a while on One Life to Live and declares one P&G soap the "worst soap opera on air" and the other one "simply flawless". Bet you can't guess which is which!

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