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All My Children: Laurence Lau Brings Greg Back To Pine Valley!!


It looks like Old Home Week is being extended well into 2008 on All My Children with Soap Opera Digest Onlinereporting breaking news that Laurence Lau is reprising his role as Greg Nelson. Greg's return will no doubt see him reuniting with boyhood pals Angie and Jesse, as well as the relatives of his beloved late wife Jenny (Kim Delaney) Tad and Opal.

Too bad they killed Jenny off in such a violent onscreen manner via Jet ski or maybe Kim Delaney could one day return too? Oh wait, didn't Jesse die violently onscreen?

I wasn't watching AMC during the Greg and Jenny years, but I loved Lau as Jamie Frame opposite Anne Heche's Vicky on Another World. Wasn't quit so fond of him as faux-Sam on One Life to Live, but I guess we'll have to wait and see if any of the old magic is still there when he hits Pine Valley on May 20.

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