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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops 04.09.08


Here's the Scoop!

Looks like Logan has a romantic dinner planned.  I am seeing SPOILERS that Logan and Johnny fight over Lulu at the Haunted Star Re-Opening.  Does Lulu find out about Johnny's involvement in Michael's shooting?  SPOILERS say she thinks she knows, something.  What about Lulu's job?  Kate tells Lulu her status as Carly's cousin isn't going to help her.

The Haunted Star Party...  SPOILERS have it lasting over a few episodes, most likely two.  Jason is checking on the warehouse during the party. Early RUMORS had him showing up at the party but it looks like that may not happen.

Hey LuSam fans... I've got some Scoop!  Remember I mentioned Sam being over Lucky's obsession/attachment to Elizabeth?  The pair talk and Sam thinks Lucky should just walk away and that he would if he really wasn't still in love with Elizabeth.  SPOILERS say Lucky tells Sam he can't walk away because he really loves the boys.  More and more I am seeing that Sam does in fact tell Ian about Jason being Jake's father.  Ian takes this information to Claudia but Ms. Zacchara does nothing with the new info.  Ian will still be apart of Lucky and Sam's story.  Sam and Ian are RUMORED to dance together at the Haunted Star Re-Opening.  Do they kiss?

Michael is sent to a facility.  SPOILERS say it'll just be outside of town...Roselawn? Shadybrook?  There are some RUMORS that Sonny want's to turn off the life support but it's Carly's refusal to accept her son's fate that has him being moved to the facility.

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More on Liason and the called off engagement.  Jason feels that he failed with Michael and he has no intention of failing his own child.  Elizabeth understands but wants to continue on in secret.  SPOILERS say a little nod is given to Liason fans as Jason is RUMORED to tell Elizabeth that if she calls, he'll come. 

Is Alexis walking in on Diane and Max?

Still seeing RUMORS of a possible health problem for Robin.  Patrick and Robin are making their way back to one another and a proposal may be coming.  SPOILERS say Patrick feels marriage is the next logical step, Robin may not agree. 

Another death?  RUMORS are saying that another dead body pops up in PC.  Who is it and who did the killing?  Not sure but supposedly neither is the person who takes responsibility for the murder.  Someone is covering and they may be covering for the wrong person. 

Does Nikolas finally agree to the surgery?  I am seeing, YES!  Most likely because Natalia is done soon. 

Fanfic or SPOILER?  You be the judge...  We've SPOILED that Johnny and Lulu get horizontal, again.  Afterwards, they are supposed to break up.  Of course there will be tons of angst for these two as GH is incapable of writing happy, no-angst love stories anymore.  There are RUMORS that Johnny and Lulu get back together, just in time for Johnny's ex-girlfriend to show up in Port Chuck.  Is his ex named Olivia?  Fanfic or SPOILER?  You be the judge...