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Daytime Confidential #226: CBS & Days Take Care of My Pooky

On today's CBS & Days of Our Lives edition of Daytime Confidential Mike, Luke and Jamey discuss how Judith Chapman is defying Madison Avenue odds on the Young and Restless, Victor and his new bimbo and Lily's pregnancy.


A listener writes in defending As the World Turns' Jade, proving that Jade fans do exist. We discuss Gwen and Will leaving Oakdale and how the character of Allison isn't being written in character.

All we want on Guiding Lightis a good story, nothing more, nothing less. No one can "out Lizzie" Lizzie so why are the writers even trying? A listener writes in taking us to task about Gus' death and Harley's loss.

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What about the Bold and Beautiful has Mike yelling at his TV and Jamey playing defense?

Over on Days of Our LivesNicole is back and Luke's in heaven. Jamey accuses a fan favorite character of being a turncoat. Is it wrong to like Dr. Jonas and Chelsea?

All this and more on today's CBS and Days of Our Lives edition of Daytime Confidential!

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