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General Hospital Spoilers


I am seeing these SPOILERS, everywhere.  From the proposal on Monday to the break-up that's RUMORED to happen tomorrow, the end result is all the same, Jason & Elizabeth back together and maybe walking down the aisle.  

Scrubs... reconcile, agree to be parents and maybe even a little roll in the sack. 

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Rick Hearst Rumors... Is he leaving as RUMORED last week?  He says no.  At a recent fan event, Rick Hearst said those RUMORS were false.  

Remember I mentioned Maxie and Kate learning they have more in common than just the love of fashion?  Well it may be their respective heart conditions that bring the fashionistas to a more personal level.

Carly looking to Alexis for help?  RUMORS say Carly and Sonny will argue over what is best for their son.  I already told you the RUMOR that Sonny wants to pull the plug and Carly has faith that Michael will wake up from his coma.  Will Carly ask for Alexis to help her?