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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops 04.10.08


Here's the Scoop!  SPOILER Pics included.

I told you The Jackal PI is on the case!  SPOILERS say Jason is witness to a heated discussion between Dr. Devlin and Ms. Zacchara.  This has Jason instructing Spinelli to find out what he can about Port Chuck's newest doc.   Of course Maxie is Spinelli's sidekick.  What the heck are these two up to?  I don't care as long as they are on screen together. 



Back to Ian and Claudia.  She'll find out that Jason is looking into the Doc.  SPOILERS say Claudia offers Ian some cash to high tail it out of town.  Ian says NO.  He's got too much time invested into his dealings and he's not scared of Jason Morgan.  It looks like Ian turns the tables on Claudia telling her she better handle the Morgan situation or he'll make sure she and Johnny regret it.  

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Jerry is still out for blood, Ian's.  Does Jerry try to kill Dr. Devlin?  That's a SPOILER out there.  Jerry is supposed to set it up so Ian "accidentially" dies but the plan fails.  Ian thinks Claudia tried to have him killed.  Claudia tells Dr. Devlin she's innocent and comes up with a plan to get Morgan off Ian's trail.  Will Ian figure out it was Jerry who tried to kill him?  Not sure but Ian does put himself on Michael's case and gets close to Alexis.  Close enough to let Jerry know he can make good on his threats. 

Liason... RUMORS say Elizabeth tells Jason that they'll be stronger together than they would be apart.  She feels the truth about Jake's paternity will eventually come out and won't they protect their son best if they're protecting him together?  SPOILERS say that Liason is apart for a little over a week. Lucky may understand better why Elizabeth lied but their understanding is short lived as I am seeing SPOILERS that the two argue over Jason.

Anna's back!  Early RUMORS had Anna involved in the drug storyline but I haven't seen those in awhile and from what I can tell, she's only in town for a handful of episodes. 


Any LiRic fans still out there?  They share a scene!


Sonny and Carly will argue over what will be best for Michael.  RUMORS have had Sonny willing to pull the plug but Carly refuses to believe what the doctors are telling her.  In the end, Michael is sent to a facility.  Will he be recast?  Not sure but those have been the RUMORS since this story first broke.  

Jason goes to see Monica today.  He'll tell her about Michael.  Will he also tell her about Jake?

Fanfic or SPOILER?  You be the judge...  There is some talk about a secret wedding.  Remember I mentioned the Safe House would be getting some use?  Well this SPOILER says that Jason and Elizabeth marry at the Safe House, in secret!  Father Coates is said to be at the hospital, possibly giving Michael his last rites.  Jason has him come to the Safe House and marry him and Elizabeth.  The RUMORS go on to say that the pair keep their secret nuptials, a secret. Fanfic or SPOILER?  You be the judge.