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General Hospital Spoilers! More Scoop!


Is there a hit out and Jason?  On Claudia?  SPOILERS say yes to both.  Who put out the hit?  Anthony? Trevor perhaps?   What I do know is that Jason and Claudia share some screentime.  Remember those RUMORS from a week ago about Claudia thinking she and Jason have alot in common?  Well they both have this fierce love for those close to them and Claudia sees that in Jason.  She'll do anything for her brother and she'll see that Jason will do anything for those close to him as well.  Could this be why Claudia doesn't act on the information she gets regarding Jason and Jake?

Jason decides he can never have a family.  He'll tell Spinelli. 

Jax and Elizabeth scene... Jax asks Elizabeth for an update on Michael.  She'll tell him the bad news and Jax is worried about Carly.  RUMORS say he will convince his wife to tell Morgan.  

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More female bonding for Elizabeth and Robin.  Elizabeth bends her friend's ear about Jason and encourages Robin to give Patrick a chance.  Will Patrick be able to prove to Robin he really wants to be a family with her and the baby?

Haunted Star Party... Robin and Patrick attend but leave early, together.  Ric comforts Leyla when she sees a tender moment between Scrubs. 

More bad news for the family of Michael Corinthos.  Patrick tells them that if Michael were to ever wake up, he'll have permanent brain damage.  

Liason Reunion... may not happen until the week of the 28th.  It could be the tag for the Friday before.  

Fanfic or SPOILER?  You be the judge.  Ever since Logan Hayes was revealed to be Logan Baldwin, fans have been wondering if Serena will return to Port Charles and meet her big brother.  I am seeing RUMORS that the role of Serena is being cast.  Would Carly Schroeder return and reprise the role or is another lady coming to Port Charles?  Fanfic or SPOILER?  If this RUMOR is true, how about some wishful casting.... who would you like to see as the next Serena Baldwin?