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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops 04.11.08


Crimson's New Digs!


Since a few of you said you liked the Maxie-Kate relationship, here are a couple pictures of Crimson's new offices.  

Here's the Scoop!

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The Liason Wedding is coming... at least from what all the SPOILERS say.  Father Coates marrying them at the Safe House may be only Fanfic, but the wedding part seems to be true.  When? Where?  I am hearing May but as to where and if its a secret, that I do not know.  As previously SPOILED, Jason and Elizabeth's secret is out and they are better together than apart especially when it comes to protecting Jake.  Elizabeth calls and Jason comes, as promised, to the Safehouse.  This should be when they get back together.

LuSam fans...don't give up on your couple.  TPTB still know they are popular but they also want to see how Ian fits in.  RUMORS have Lucky telling Sam he wants to try again to make it work.  Ian will be a part of their storyline, possibly a triangle. 

LiRic fans... that SPOILER pic we posted, RUMORS say its Ric and Elizabeth discussing Michael's condition.  They also discuss the danger that surrounds Sonny. 

Robin and Anna... mother and daughter talk about baby and the daddy.  Robin will confide in her mom that she's not 100% sure Patrick will be there as a father even though that's what he says he wants.  This should be what has Anna sitting Patrick down for a chat.  I SPOILED yesterday that Scrubs may be hitting the sheets.  Well it looks like Robin will tell Patrick they moved too fast.  

We've already said that Las Vegas' cancelation would spark the Brenda return RUMORS.  There are reports that General Hospital has offered Vanessa Marcil a short term return.  With the online speculation that Maurice Benard is ready to exit GH this summer, could Brenda be coming back only to ride off into the sunset with Sonny?  OR is Ingo Rademacher the one taking leave?  RUMORS and I stress RUMORS are out there that Jax may once again leave Port Chuck.  Carly and Jax will have problems.  With the loss of their baby and Michael's condition, Carjax is going to have a rough road ahead.  Also having trouble, Sonny and Kate.  As we've SPOILED before, Kate will become a constant reminder of how Sonny failed his son. 


Where there's smoke there's fire...  I've always prescribed to that way of thinking.  So what would one make of the RUMORS that a male on canvas is on his way out?