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Ratings March 31 - April 4, 2008

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Oh how disappointing! Again none of the soaps last week seemed to have made any ground in the ratings. In fact All My Children and Guiding Light have hit all time lows in total viewers. The only bright side is that Days Of Our Lives did seem to go up +0.2 in the important Women 18-49 demo group. I don't know about you folks but this is indeed a VERY disturbing trend for Daytime Soap Operas! I wonder how the shows will defend this latest drop in ratings? Certainly you could chaulk up loss of viewership in February because of the Writer's Strike and March to the basketball games aired on CBS.

But now we are moving into April and things sure don't seem to be impoving do they? If anything they should be increasing as the shows must now be gearing up for May Sweeps and pulling their storylines together to make May a big hit for fans & the shows. The soaps MUST try every trick in the book to gain viewership for May Sweeps because of how disappointing February Sweeps were this year. Plus add the extra pressure that May Sweep storylines generally propel the soaps into the summer soap season and need to lure in the all important 18-49 demo groups. So much pressure...let's hope the writers have some great stories planned for the weeks ahead to get us all interested once again!!!

March 31, 2008 - April 4, 2008

1 Y&R 3.8

2 B&B 2.7

3 DOOL 2.1

3 ATWT 2.1

3 GH 2.1

6 AMC 1.9 

6 OLTL 1.9

8 GL 1.7 (NEW lowest rating!)

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March 24, 2008 - March 28, 2008

1 Y&R 3.8 (tied lowest rating ever for Y&R)

2 B&B 2.8

3 ATWT 2.2

4 DOOL 2.1

5 GH 2.1 (NEW lowest rating ever for GH)

6 AMC 1.9 (tied lowest rating for AMC)

6 OLTL 1.9 (NEW lowest rating ever for OLTL)

8 GL 1.8 (tied lowest rating ever for GL)