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Days of our Lives: Spoilers 4.14.08 - the View from Denial Island

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G’day Days fans and welcome to this weeks Days of our Lives spoilers: the View from Denial Island.  Another interesting week of fun-filled storylines coming up… read on!

Chez Rouge - Jawndie

Going to start with this storyline this week since it’s only a short one, and it’s the one that has interested me the most in recent weeks (apart from EJami of course).  Blondie’s defenses are falling; despite her reluctance early last week to start a new relationship with Jawn, I don’t think she can resist – and neither can she.  A little frightened by these developing feelings, and not knowing where the old John ends and the new Jawn begins, Marlena decides to leave town for a few days so she can think things over.  Jawn asks her to stay, but Marlena is adamant.  


At the hospital, Bo continues pleading his case to Lexie about sending him home.  In Kayla’s room, his sister is doing the same thing with Dr Jonas.  They both succeed – and ask good old Mom for a lift; Caroline’s a wise-up to them though, she thinks they’re up to something (LOL).  Which they are, of course!

At the Vitali mansion, Patch starts to fake getting closer to PsychoAva, and we see more memories of their time together in flashbacks.  He continues to play the ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ game with her though, and this makes her a little frustrated.  Patch and ‘Kayla’ steal a few moments together before Angelo catches them together.  Patch asks what happened to Ava but I don’t think he’s going to like the answer, learning that he’s the reason for her decline into the psychotic reality.  Meanwhile, ‘Kayla’ starts despairing that she might never see her family again, but she wont have long to wait.

After their discharge, Bo and Kayla see the hospital surveillance tapes showing Hope’s abduction.  They manage to locate and infiltrate the Vitali grounds, and it's now that Ava and the real Kayla come face to face at last.  Not quite sure of the exact sequence of events here, but I'm guessing the shock at Hope's true identity will be a bit much for Ava's thin grip on reality, and she shoots at Hope.  Bo, Hope, Steve and Kayla try to escape but they again fail.  Hope gets the chance to ask why Ava hates them all so – I’m thinking this is where we’ll get the full Patch and Ava love story (smush name? Pava?), including the information that Papa Vitali has kept Ava prisoner since her aborted wedding to Patch, and also some information as to how Steve came to be under Stefano’s control.

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The Kiriakis Mansion

Philip is one p’d off Kiriakis, after discovering that Gold-DiggerNicole is responsible for Diva Chloe’s unplanned trip to the Austrian Consulate.  He wakes her up and demands she leave the house immediately, but that’s never worked before for Victor, don’t know why it should now.  Somehow, new lawyer EJ steps in and lets Philip know that he has no right to evict his evil step-mother.  Watch out for Chloe’s return to the mansion… I smell a catfight brewing!  Let’s hope there’s food involved (who remembers Sami v Carrie and cake??).  This is not going to stop Nicole from suspecting Chloe has some involvement in Brady’s disappearance though – something she and Victor agree on (who would’ve thought??).  In order to throw her off Chloe’s trail (I suspect), Philip asks Nicole to help him distract Jawn and in exchange, he agrees to help her get her divorce settlement from Victor (Oh Philip, you’re going to be in trouble when Papa K finds out you screwed him).  Nicole starts off her part of the deal by asking Jawn out on a date… Blondie – you better not stay away too long.

In other, shorter stories:

  • Watch out for Sami’s reaction to learning her mother has left her alone in DiMansion with Jawn, EJ and Butler Rolf
  • Jawn offers some interesting insight to EJ about Sami’s apparent jealousy of Nicole
  • Chelsea’s wellness, or lack of, becomes apparent when she faints, prompting Grandmaw Kate to call Dr Jonas for help
  • Stephanie relays her fears about her parents to Max

Coming Up Next Week (April 21-25):

  • Max confesses his feelings to Stephanie (look away Stax haters)
  • Victor kicks out Nicole and Chloe
  • Steve promises to give Ava a baby
  • The Biggest Loser's Jillian Michaels makes her guest appearance at... where else? the Gym!

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