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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops 04.14.08


Here's the Scoop!

Michael opens his eyes and gives Carly hope!  From what I see, Michael is still sent to a facility just outside of Port Chuck.  But he will open his eyes first.  Carly may just be a one woman fighting machine for her son as it seems everyone else has given up except her.  Jason will be there to help calm Carly down.  What about Jax?  He should return today ane be by Carly's side but he'll try hard to get his wife to come to terms with Michael's prognosis. 

I told the LuSam Fans not to give up just yet and now I am seeing some SPOILERS that suggest another break-up for these two is on the horizon.  Remember Sam gets fed up with Lucky's need to be involved in Elizabeth's life.  Does this have Sam ending things with Detective Spencer?  Is this when she gets a little too close to Ian and spills the big secret?  Are they hitting the sheets?  RUMORS say Jason, Lucky and Jerry all try to warn Sam away from Dr. Devlin. 

I mentioned Jerry telling Alexis the truth... well as much of the truth as Jerry Jacks can tell.  It looks like its another overheard conversation that has Alexis demanding Jerry tell all.  She'll overhear Jerry with Dr. Devlin and Alexis expects an explanation. 

The Kate-Maxie connection... is it the love of fashion, heart conditions or missed opportunities that has these two bonding?  RUMORS say Maxie gets an opportunity to leave Port Charles behind but will her new found friendship with Spinelli have the wounded blonde one staying put?  What advice will Kate give her?

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Sonny goes looking for Michael's shooter.  How?  By calling off all his guards and making himself the bait.  ZaCrazy!  Sonny goes to see Anthony and Papa Crazy threatens to kill Claudia if Johnny doesn't do as told.  


Carly tells Sonny to stay away from her boys.  She doesn't want Sonny anywhere near Michael or Morgan.  Will AJ get a mention?  Jason will try to play mediator but a lead on the shooter has his attention elsewhere.  Sonny attends the Haunted Star party hoping to get information on the Zaccharas. 

Sad split for Liason?  I'm hearing its a tender kiss goodbye for this angst ridden couple.  Its not for long though as the RUMORS surrounding the Liason Marriage say it happens in the early parts of May.  

Claudia and Jason are trapped together after a hit gone bad.  Remember I mentioned this is when Claudia sees that she and Jason are alot alike.  Claudia attempts to lead Jason away from her and Johnny as possible suspects.  She may leave there with a better understanding of Jason Morgan but more scared of him as well.

Jake's 1st Birthday!  Is there a party?  Will his daddy get to see him? 

Fanfic or SPOILER??? You be the judge.  I mentioned a week or two ago that Anna's return may not be all about her new status as grandma.  I mentioned then that Anna may have a role in Ian's storyline.  Online rumblings say that Ian could be the son of Duke Lavery and that something about Ian's appearance tips Anna off.  Could it be that tattoo we saw so much of?  Fanfic or SPOILER?  You be the judge.