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Bold and the Beautiful: A Bad Storm Is A'Comin


Even the three blind mice from the nursery rhyme could see where the storyline featuring Storm, Ashley, Ridge and Brooke is headed on Bold and the Beautiful. And I have to say, for the first time in months I am disappointed in the camptastic show.

Why oh why must they write William de Vry's rugged-yet-suave character into a corner so that the Chiseled One can play hero for Ashley? It would be one thing if we had seen Storm struggling with his sanity for months, but we haven't. From the moment Ridge, in the midst of a gnarly bout of righteous indigestion, began declaring Storm was "dangerous Logan" the writing appeared on the fashionable walls of Forrester Creations. Storm is about to pull a Sheila. Even the music has started changing during Storm's scenes.

Okay, the man put a buckshot in Stephanie. I say instead of being villified, he should recieve the Key to Los Angeles for that act of heroism, if not a gold medal. That woman hired a man who raped Storm's little sister! And when Ridge spits and splatters about how Storm almost let Bobby Ewing take the fall for Stephanie's shooting, does he forget that his beloved Mama Bear and Best Girl tried to get him to frame his own half brother Nick for the murder of Phoebe's grifter ex-boyfriend not so long ago?

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Please Mr. Bell don't sacrifice Storm by dropping him from the slippery slopes of one of Ridge's granite cheek bones. The women of Los Angeles need another person to play Connect-the-Freckles with besides Ridge, Nick, Rick and Eric.