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Casting Rumor: One Life To Live To Kill Off Nash?

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RUMOR has it that Forbes March, who's been playing the role of Nash Brennan since July 2005, has been let go from One Life To Live and has already taped the scenes where his character ends up MURDERED! Now this rumor stems from a gossip article posted in the new issue of The Globe Magazine. I'm not too sure how reputable this source is coming from a tabloid trash magazine so I'm putting this out as a RUMOR for now until there is more evidence to back up this story. But based on how his character has been tossed to the side and the show testing the waters of a Jessica/Antonio reunion...all of this may add up to some truth after all.

If it is true, I am then deeply shocked and saddened by One Life To Live's choice of killing off the character as I was a huge fan of Tess & Nash. So many possiblities that could/should have happened with his character that were never explored. For me Nash was probably the only male counterpart that matched well with Jessica/Tess. Antonio bored me to tears, Christian was a million years ago and so far hasn't really been thought of again, Seth was just a fling and Will had my attention for a moment but then quickly faded away.

Will you miss Nash on the show? I wonder if he leaves...where does that leave Bree Williamson (Jessica)?

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