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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops 04.16.08

Here's the Scoop!

Max and Diane are forbidden to see one another!  Who's laying down the law?  Sonny!  He'll tell Max to stop fooling around with his attorney.  Are they just a fling or are these fan favorites becoming a couple?  RUMORS say they'll be more than just a roll on Sonny's sofa.


Kate's Secret, Logan's Secret... will we ever learn what they are?  I've mentioned before that Logan is part of Ric's plan but what about Kate?  SPOILERS say she'll slip in front of Sonny and give another clue as to what she's hiding.  Remember there was a RUMOR that a young woman is being cast.  RUMORS say its the role of Olivia.  What else for Logan?  Well he may be part of Ric's plan but he's got one of his own.  There is some talk that Logan may be looking into Michael's shooting and trying to prove that Johnny had something to do with it. 

Spixie!  I just love them and RUMORS have Spinelli developing more than friends feelings for Maxie.  I'm not sure I'm liking that but I love these two so much, I'm willing to reserve judgement.  Will Spinelli make a move on Maxie?  Another dream sequence on the way?  We do know that this duo has some crazy antics coming our way and they mix it up with Jerry and Ian.  Jason wants Spinelli to find out everything he can on Dr. Devlin.


Robin and Liz... I mentioned that Elizabeth advises Robin to just give Patrick a chance.  What advice does Robin have for Liz?  If you want to get over Jason Morgan, you need to stay away from him.  

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Are Carly and Jax ending?  There are RUMORS out there that this may happen.  Carly continues to shut Jax out and keeps Jason close.  Jax will turn to Kate as a friend and this will upset Carly.  It may be Carly's need for Jason though that has these two splitting.  

Those pesky Jaudia RUMORS... they're just RUMORS.  Jason and Claudia do share more scenes together and its really just Guza once again trying to capture the magic that is Steve Burton and Sarah Brown.  They're supposed to be trapped together after the hit gone bad and Claudia does a lot of talking.  It may be something Claudia says that has Jason open to a reconciliation with Elizabeth.  Claudia is RUMORED to tell Jason about her parents and how her father pushed her mom out of his life.  Why?  ZaCrazy felt that she wasn't cut out for the mob life. 


We're still hearing the Liason Wedding Bells.  Before that though, Jason and Elizabeth will see each other.  SPOILERS have their meetings everywhere from the Penthouse, to the Safehouse and even at Elizabeth's house.   As I've told you before, Elizabeth decides to fight for Jason.  They'll agree that they can not stay apart but that the boys' safety comes first.  So they'll once again start a secret love affair until, according to SPOILERS, the truth about Jake's paternity is found out by an enemy.  

RUMORS of a re-cast of Patirck Drake?  No worries Scrubs fans.  Similar to the time Jax was re-cast, a scheduling error has forced the temporary fill in.  Ethan Erickson is said to be filling in for JT.

A few more...

Johnny breaks it off from Lulu.  Will they really stay apart? Of course not!

Ric, Alexis and Diane in a scene together?  I am giddy with anticipation!

Nadine and Nikolas... she'll be there for the Prince when Emily leaves, for good. 

Jerry and Alexis at the Haunted Star... are they making bets?