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Juicy Behind-the-Scenes News From The CW's 90210 Remake


Despite Tori Spelling practically going on record in every celeb magazine and  tabloid TV show that she would love for her Donna Martin to be the link that connects the new CW 90210 update to its parent soap (And here I thought her reality show was doing so well?) it looks like another blonde ex-Peach Pitter could be teaching the angsty pubescents of West Beverly High come fall. 

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According to TV Guide, Jennie Garth (ex-Kelly Taylor) has opted out of the planned CBS comedy My Best Friend's Girl  in a "mutual decision" between Garth and the producers. This turn of events has accelerated talk that Garth's Kelly could be joining the new 90210, possibly as a fashion design teacher at West Beverly High. But wait? Wasn't Donna the fashion designer? This has to almost suck as bad for Tor-Tor as when all she got from her dad's gazillion dollar estate were those signed Vega$ scripts and a Charlie's Angels nightlight.

In other 90210-related news, Nip/Tuck bad seed AnnaLynne McCord (Eden Lord) has been cast as "it" girl Naomi in the new series. In addition to Nip/Tuck, McCord starred in a pair of those dreadful MyNetworkTV telenovelas, one, American Heiress, with General Hospital alum Alicia Leigh Willis. Also of note Veronica Mars scribe Rob Thomas is no longer working on the pilot of the series, although he will stay on with the project as exec producer. Hmmm, now if what happens on screen, turns out to be as juicy as what's happening behind-the-scenes this show could prove to be a big winner!