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Which Magazine Would You Be More Likely To Read General Hospital's Crimson, or Restless Style from Young and the Restless?

Magazines might be dying at the newsstands but on soaps they're hot, hot, hot! Both Young and the Restless and General Hospital have front burner storylines featuring the launches of new magazines.


While Y&R is addressing the rather paltry climate for upstart magazines in their storyline about mixed doubles Phyllis and Nick and Jack and Sharon starting Restless Style, GH's Crimson is pretty much expected to be a smash hit, based on the strength of fashion goddess Kate Howard's impeccable reputation from her previous job as editrix extraordinaire at Couture, that is if a mob hit and/or her bickering blond assistants Lulu and Maxie don't do the project in (Vote here on who will come out on top between those two fashionable rivals!). So if Restless Style and Crimson were actually real magazines about to hit the stands and/or the web and you could only read one,  which one would it be?  

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