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Wishful Casting: Dax Griffin as Days of Our Lives' Brady Black


While I have to admit it has long been my fantasy for Dax Griffin (ex-Tim, Sunset Beach; ex-Sid, Passions; ex-Justin, All My Children; ex-Shane, Bold and the Beautiful) to join the cast of Days of Our Lives as Sami's long lost twin Eric, I think it would better serve the current storyline if the blonde stud came on as Sami and Eric's little stepbrother Brady Black.

With both Chloe and Nicole back in Salem front and center and Brady's nemesis/uncle Philip jockeying for power at Kiriakis Shipping, it's the perfect time for Victor's favorite grandson to show his face. Not to mention the fact that he's now a DiMera. How would Brady get along with his new cousin EJ, the man who shot his father? And what about Brady's father? John of course is a few kiwis shy of a fruit salad, would Brady come home and declare his Robo-Pop insanse to secure control of the docks and Victor's favor, much to Philip's chagrin? The possibilities are endless.

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