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Young and the Restless: Could A Drop In Price of Right's Ratings Be To Blame For Ratings Dip?


There's been much talk about the decline of viewership for daytime soap operas, but what people might not realize is that all of daypart is seeing a slide in audiences, from talk shows like Rachel Ray to game shows like The Price Is Right. Entertainment Weekly Online recently ran an article about the latter show's struggle to maintain ratings following the retirement of 34-year veteran host Bob Barker, who was replaced by former sitcom star Drew Carey. 

Comparisons of the first quarter of 2007 and 2008 reveal Carey has lost 15 percent of Barker's audience. This is why we are seeing those heavily-promoted primetime Price Is Right specials with million dollar prizes up for grabs, according to EW. Young and the Restless  has long benefited from The Price Is Right as a strong lead-in, so could the game show's ratings woes be having a negative effect on the Bell soap? Also, since The Price Is Right is getting to air in primetime to boost ratings, why not do a couple of primetime Y&R TV movies to lure primetime viewers to the 35-year-old soap? What's good for the game show, should be good for the soap opera!

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