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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops 04.17.08

Here's the Scoop!

How does Logan fit into Ric's plans?  Remember when Logan worked as a guard for Sonny?  Well Ric may be using Logan to keep tabs on ZaCrazy.  Will Logan be a hidden mole in Anthony's organization?  A way for Ric to keep tabs on ZaCrazy?  When Johnny breaks it off with Lulu, will Logan step up or will another steal the crabby commando's heart?  Very OLD RUMORS had a Maxie-Logan pairing but that was before the success of Spixie.  The Logan, Lulu, Johnny triangle may play into Logan's new role as babysitter to ZaCrazy. 


Ric's plans... is he the player or is Ric getting played?  RUMOR has it that Anthony is playing Ric, big time.  ZaCrazy is getting more than just his mind back, he'll be able to use his legs too and for more than just a wiggle.  It looks like thanks to Ric, Anthony will be back to controlling his business as well.  Will Johnny and Claudia know daddy's back in charge?

Claudia and Johnny are busy.  They're trying to cover up their involvement in Michael's shooting and Claudia is busy avoiding  the hit that is out on her thanks to dear old dad.  When Claudia goes missing, Johnny goes banging on Sonny's door looking for his sister.  SPOILERS say Johnny gets in Sonny's face once again.  

Speaking of the hit... Claudia's brakes are said to be tampered with and its Jason to the rescue.  What about the hit on Jason?  Well while he's in hero mode, why not dodge a mass of gunfire too. Two birds, one stone or WAIT, is that what Trevor said?

Jerry's playing cover up too.  When Jason gets a lead on Ian, Jerry gets nervous and he may try to get rid of Dr. Devil himself.  Jerry is worried he'll be linked back to the shooting and Devlin putting his relationship with Jax and Alexis in jeopardy.  Jason's far too smart though as SPOILERS have him asking Jerry questions about Dr. Ian Devlin.

More Secrets?  What's Trevor's secret?  What about Claudia's?  Can we get Logan and Kate's out in the open before Trevor and Claudia's get center stage?

LuSam...more angst.  Is that a bad sign or good sign in GuzaLand?  I don't know anymore.  Ian may have some words for Lucky regarding his treatment of Sam.  Is that what has Sam more interested in Ian?  Something is RUMORED to endear Ms. McCall to the doc.  Lucky will be around Elizabeth more because of the boys and Sam does not like it.

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Emily's last airdate... May 1st.  Goodbye Natalia Livingston.  Will this mean Nadine and Nikolas will be together?  Not sure.  Some reports say yes, others say Nikolas will be single for a bit.  

From secret lovers to secret spouses? Once again those secret wedding RUMORS are out there.  Will they marry in private and keep the marriage to themselves?  Secret wedding or not, its not a secret for long.  SPOILERS still say Jason and Ellizabeth are found out.  


Remember I mentioned Sonny using himself as bait?  It looks like he takes a bullet.  Is he protected this time?

Anna and Luke RUMORS.... she's going to be a grandma and he's always finding ways to avoid growing up.  Anna may look to her old friend to help her shed the granny title.   

A few more...RUMORS

Jax pulls an all nighter.... at Kate's. 

Logan and Leyla share scenes.  Is this a test?

Robin pays a visit to the bridge. What's up with Scrubs?  They're working on it but Anna's return has her playing devil's advocate.  Robin goes to meet Patrick at Jake's and walks in just in time to catch part of Patty boy's talk with Coleman.