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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops 04.18.08


Anna and Luke!


Logan's New Job!

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Jason, Spinelli & Maxie???

Here's the Scoop!

More of Jason and Sonny at odds?  RUMORS say Jason will not be happy with Sonny's plan.  We've told you that Sonny uses himself as bait, is that what Jason is not on board with?  Sonny's shooter?  SPOILERS are pointing in Johnny's direction.

Did Ian leave evidence?  Not just his car on a security tape, did the doc leave evidence behind?  SPOILERS say yes and he'll scramble to cover it up.  Johnny may soon figure out who Claudia hired as her hitman.

Kate's Secret?  Now being dubbed as a "major secret."  Could it be that it has nothing to do with her past?

Spinelli needs saving?  Guess who rides into the rescue?   Yep, Jason.  SPOILERS have Maxie helping Spinelli on a case but at some point Spin is supposed to need his mentor's assistance to get out of a jam.  Is Maxie with Spin?  Not sure but that could be what those SPOILER pics are about.  Remember those SPOILER pics of Spinelli, Maxie and Ian?  And then again of Spixie at GH?  Well it looks like Spin fakes an attack of appendicitis to keep Ian in town.   But those pics of them in the scrubs are supposed to be Spixie blending in so they can scope out Ian's office.  

Spin finds Devlin's financial records... and the ten million dollars Nikolas gave him.  Jason will ask Nikolas what he knows about Dr. Devlin.

Johnny and Daddy scenes... Anthony gives his son a warning.  Johnny's got a warning for Logan.  Does he know Logan is working for Ric?  He must because Johnny tells Logan if anything happens to his sister, Ric will pay for it.