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Childers Out As ALL My Children's Colby; Was A Recast Necessary?


It appears the rumors were true. is reporting that cutie Ambyr Childers is out as All My Children's Colby Chandler. The role is being SORASed with 25-year-old daytime newcomer Brianne Moncrief assuming the part in order to ramp up the potential for a Colby/Frankie (Cornelius Smith Jr) pairing.

According to her bio, Moncrief is a performing arts grad from Fordham University and while I suppose its nice to see a daytime casting decision based on acting training as opposed to if someone can "strike a pose" and "give good face" (re: Madonna's "Vogue") I have to say I am not pleased to see the spunky Childers go. She has held her own with the brilliant David Canary (Adam/Stuart) for two years and this is the thanks she gets?

What do you think? Was it absolutely necessary to recast the role with an older actress to make a pairing with Frankie more acceptable or was Childers perfectly capable of playing out the storyline?

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