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Days of our Lives: Spoilers 4.21.08 - the View from Denial Island

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G’day Days fans and welcome to this week’s edition of Days of our Lives spoilers: the View from Denial Island.  Get ready for more Ava/Patch scenes as well as a guest appearance from Jillian Michaels (from NBC’s The Biggest Loser).  Here we go…

Vitali Compound

Kinda hoping this may be the last week of the PsychoAva storyline for a little while, I’m in bit Ava overloaded.  Don't get me wrong, loving Tamara, just ready for something else.  Anyhoo, PsychoAva might finally get what she wants this week because as we know, she now has the ‘real’ Kayla under her roof.  Understandably, she’s still not really happy – but she’s got a few reasons, like discovering she’s been duped by Patch and Hope over Hope's true identity, then by Patch’s confession about why he ran out and didn’t return on their wedding day.  She orders them all to be killed, but Kayla manages to calm her down somewhat by putting Ava’s hands over her swelling belly.  Steve appeals to Minion Angelo for mercy, and while it looks like it might work, Angelo has no luck either.  Eventually, Ava decides to spare their lives, but in return, she’s going to make them all stay until Kayla has the baby - which she intends to keep as her payment for her long-time suffering.  Steve tries to negotiate, promising to give her her own baby, and to stay with her, as long as she lets the others live.  This seems to work, and they go off to begin the “deal”.  In the meantime, Bo manages to get himself free, and he and Hope (who must recover from her fainting) grab their guns and run to set Steve free, which is just in time for the cavalry to arrive – Rotox and Abe.  I wonder if we'll now see Dr Evans work her psychiatric magic on Ava?


Marlena returns and seems to have made the decision to be with Jawn, but is she too late?  Jawn's got his date with Nicole planned, and in true Jarlena spirit (think: 'nothing can keep us apart'), Marlena decides to find a way to win him back (really, I don’t think it will be that hard).  She kisses him, but he’s going to play hard to get.  In walks SpyNicole for their date.


I think that Green Eyed Monster has come out to play!  Sami delivers an ultimatum to EJ – it’s the twins or Nicole.  She is refusing to allow him to spend any time with the twins if he continues to represent Nicole in her divorce.  The fighting starts to get ugly and then… EJ accuses Sami of being jealous of Nicole.  Whoa!  Brave man!  If looks could kill my friend, you’d be dead and buried.  In true DiMera style, EJ takes no notice of Samantha’s demands, and meets with his client to discuss her case.  Later Sami catches Nicole holding one of the twins and freaks out.  Amongst all this, we get some very funny scenes in the gym, resulting in Jillian Michaels telling Nicole not to be such a bitch and to eat something LOL.  On Marlena’s return, Sami chews her ear off with her complaints about EJ (don’t EJami just sound like a real married couple already?).

University Hospital

Chelsea’s fever lands her back in hospital, and she is diagnosed with a secondary post-op infection.  Dr Jonas has a guilty conscience, he fears Chelsea’s condition is serious enough to kill her.  Don’t tell Grandmaw Bear Kate – she’s already playing the blame game between him and Victor, and she may have a point – rumours are that Chelsea may be sterile (don’t get me started on this re-hashed storyline).  In Chelsea's hospital room, Dr Jonas talks up his experiences in Australia, trying to distract her.   Chelsea has an interesting little daydream.  Things go from bad to worse though, as Chelsea’s fever fails to come under control – she confesses to Dr Jonas that she has a bit of a crush on him – oops, hope Nick’s not in the room!

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In Other Shorter Storylines:

  • Philip continues his flirtation with Morgan, warning her about her Daddy’s partnership with Jawn.  Maybe he should try telling Paul himself, who hears Jawn’s plan for using him against the Kiriakis’
  • Steph and Max declare their love for each other albeit… a bit hesitantly (Wednesday)  before Steph gets kidnapped on Friday
  • Has Victor known all along where Brady is?  In another exchange with Chloe, Nicole claims that he has!  Wont stop old Vic from once again attempting to kick both Chloe and Nicole out of the K-Mansion

Coming Up Next Week (April 28 - May 2)

  • Bo starts playing the blame game for Chelsea's lack of reproductive function
  • Morgan and Philip do more flirting (smushname? Morph? LOL)
  • Abe and Lexie decide to get marriage counselling, while Bope renew their vows
  • EJ and Sami have more fun preparing for the Immigration hearing

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