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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations April 21.08

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I’m curious as to why Sam thought it was a good idea to go and see Carly. There is no love lost there, and granted, Sam seemed to genuinely want to make sure Carly was ok, but really, did she expect a nice reunion from Carly? Just seemed a little odd.

Hated Sonny telling Diane and Max that they can’t see each other. He’s their employer, not their parent. Did love Diane’s “call me” pantomime as Max was walking away.

Kate’s getting on my nerves. From the constant Sonny apologist, to now going to see Claudia, which in my eyes, just made Sonny look weak. Like a girl has to go and defend him. Just weird.

Kudos to SBr. The fear in Claudia’s face when she found out that Ric was going to spring Crazy Daddy, was quite believable. Makes me more interested in what exactly Crazy Daddy did to her as a child.

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Still not understanding how Ric can hold the military stuff over Logan’s head when it’s the military that discharged Logan in the first place. And maybe it’s my lack of sleep, but I’m not sure what exactly Ric wants Logan to do. Be Crazy Daddy’s bodyguard and somehow that will make him more appealable to Lulu??

Felt bad for Maxie as she got stuck in Devlin’s place and especially when Devlin kissed her. That was just icky all around.

Liked the Jax/Jason scene. It’s rare to see these two civil with each other and Jax made some decent points and Jason didn’t dismiss him as he usually does