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Wishful Casting: Jensen Buchanan And Stephanie Gatschet As Days Of Our Lives' Deveraux Dolls

Poor Matt Ashford (ex-Jack, Days of Our Lives). First his leading lady Missy Reeves (ex-Jennifer) decided to pack up her real life family with former Young and the Restless heartthrob Scott Reeves (ex-Ryan) and move to Nashville. Then Jack's daughter and last immediate family link in Salem, Abby, decided to skip town when her portrayer Ashley Benson opted to leave for greener pastures and highly-debated fashion choices. I liked the dress by the way!


I say it's time the Family Deveraux returned home to Salem and I believe I've found two perfect blonde soap dreams to fill the popular roles of Jennifer and Abby Deveraux in multi-soap vet Jensen Buchanan  and former Guiding Light ingenue Stephanie Gatschet (ex-Tammy).

Buchanan, most popular for her roles as Sarah Buchanan on One Life to Live and Vicky and Marley Hudson on Another World, would fit in great in Salem as mega heroine Jennifer Horton Deveraux.


Buchanan is an old pro at playing spunky gals. She would work great alongside Matt Ashford's Jack as the pair snoops around in the various illegal activities going on in Salem proper. Only this time instead of working at a newspaper or TV show, how about giving Jack and Jenn a hip blog like The Drudge Report or The Huffington Post where they were free to expose the rampant corruption of the Kiriakis and DiMera crime families 24/7?

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Buchanan as Gran's precious Jennifer Rose would also complete a heroine foursome with Hope, Kayla and Marlena, meanwhile the quirky Jack could both annoy and amuse Bo and Roman as he tried to solve Salem's capers before the donut eaters. There's also Jack's complicated history with his brother Patch and Patch's wife Kayla, whom Jack was once married to and notoriously raped.

As for Gatschet, the beauty was wildly popular as the tragic Tammy Lane Winslow Randall on GL. Days could lure disgruntled Jammy fans to Salem, where as Horton great-granddaughter Abby, Gatsschet could provide an anchor for the young adult crowd just in time for the Summer storyline.  Sure Days already has Chelsea, Stephanie and Morgan, but none of those characters are exactly likeable.


Days needs a good, true blue young adult heroine who hasn't ran over her little brother (Chelsea) or had one skeevy relationship after another (Stephanie). Nick could also use his favorite cuz back in town to convince him once and for all that he's too good for bad seed Chelsea, meanwhile Abby could remind Max that there are available girls out there that he didn't meet at his family reunion.

Days is doing really well right now, so trust me I'm not complaining. The Ava/Patch/Kayla/Bo/Hope storyline as well as anything involving Nicole is the soap at its best. Bringing the popular Deveraux bunch back into the mix would only make things that much better.