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Daytime Confidential #229: "Stray" Interview


On today's show Luke and Jamey visit with Patrick Cronen and Josh Folan, the founders of Amsterdam Artists, about their upcoming film "Stray."

"Stray" is the story of best friends Jude and Alex who know everything about women, except how to make them stay. When the end of a relationship leaves Jude heartbroken, Alex vows to impart what he knows. As they pursue new romances, the pair soon discovers that the path to love and sex rarely runs smooth, and happiness comes at a price.

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Featuring All My Children's Jacob Young and Guiding Light's Marcy Rylan "Stray" is a fast-paced and witty, “unromantic comedy” that explores the crude wisdom of single men. A realistic portrayal of twenty-something life, it is set to be the first love story ever told completely from the male perspective.

For more information on "Stray" visit Amsterdam Artists.

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