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General Hospital Spoilers 04.22.08

Is Ian going bye-bye?  According to online reports he his.  His exit could be as early as the first week of May!  Will he be the death that's RUMORED?  I'm seeing that Jerry is the one to help Ian out of town.  Remember Ian's threat to Jerry... anything happens to him and he's taking Jerry down with him.  Can he make good on his threats from six feet under?  Does he die or simply disappear?  RUMORS say that after a run in with Jason, Ian goes POOF!  Gone!  One things for sure, Jerry needs to cover his tracks, especially the ones that lead from Devlin to him. 


What about Ian's partner in crime Claudia?  Well SPOILERS say Jason is talking while he and Claudia are holed up.  What's the topic of conversation?  Past loves and failed relationships.  Remember those RUMORS that Claudia starts interacting with Elizabeth?  I'm seeing them again. 

It's May Sweeps time!  I almost forgot!  What's the big sweeps stunt?  I have no idea.  There is the Crimson Launch Party, the possible dead body and that secret that's supposed to come out.  That's it though.  Guza missed out on February Sweeps, will he make up for this May?  

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Anyone a fan of Dr. Ian Devlin?  I was on the fence.  Sometimes I like him, other times he creeps me out.  Why is he going?  Guza.  Ian was supposed to be on for longer, not a contract role but longer than this.  Basically, he's a casuality of the strike.  Certain storylines were not written exactly how Guza had intended and its clean up time.  

Where are my Scrubbies at?  News is you're getting your proposal!  Does Robin turn Patrick down?  Of course!  She'll be Robin about it.  There is some comedy coming when Anna hits town.  No worries, Scrubs is probably the safest pairing on GH right now. 


We may get more LL2.  That's Lucky and Liz for those that don't use the squish names.  SPOILERS say we'll see Lucky more in dad mode.  Hmmmm... sounds like Guza, give the fans something only to tease and then rip it away.  If the RUMORS are right, we'll see Lucky the dad just to see his daddy status ripped from him when the truth about Jake comes out.