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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops 04.22.08

I was feeling a bit lazy yesterday.... HERE'S THE SCOOP!

Sam, Sam, Sam... she'll start looking into Dr. Devlin herself and see what she can find out.  But one con man can always spot another as Ian doesn't fall for Sam's flirtations.  Will a pairing develop out of this or is LuSam safe?  They're a popular pairing that's for sure.  RUMORS say Sam will be mixing it up with a Spencer though, Luke Spencer.  Is Luke hiring a new employee?  Remember how much Tracey enjoyed (insert sarcasm here) Sam's emplyment with ELQ? 


Johnny's dumping Lulu, again... and I am sure they get back together, again.  SPOILERS have Johnny finding himself at a bit of a low point and Lulu is there. 

Any JLex fans?  I know Belinda's definitely not a fan.  Neither is my roomie who is a HUGE Alexis fan.  Most people can't see past Mr. Craig.  Well I'm seeing that this pairing is still going strong.  Alexis may even see a darker side of Jerry Jacks and it does not phase her.  Will we see more Mr. Craig-like activities out of Jerry?  Possibly.  Remember there is a theory that the MetroCourt Hostage Crisis and whatever was in that briefcase ties back to Ian. RUMORS say Diane catches Jerry and Alexis smooching and Diane may be asking for Alexis' help so she and Max can have a secret rendevous.

Anna's back in town, finding out she's going to be a grandma and hanging out with her old pal Luke.  Remember I mentioned that's not the only reason she's back in Port Chuck?  Well it looks like granny may get a mission during her stay in PC.  Again, I heard TPTB want Finola for longer and they are trying to work out some scheduling issues.  

Nikolas says goodbye to Emily and decides to have the surgery to remove his tumor.  The Devil has a deal to propose first.  Nikolas will tell Dr. Devlin, he's done.  There is a goodbye scene, it will be Natalia's last.

Spixie!  I just love them, even if they become nothing more than best buds.  Spinelli is starting to have some feelings for the wounded blonde one and the jackal may be looking for some guidance.  Will Maxie ever see Spinelli as more than her quirky pal?  Possibly.  Maxie's a busy girl... getting caught in Ian's room, playing super sleuth with Spin and ruining Lulu at Crimson.


The hit on Claudia and Jason... its really just a hit on Claudia.  When Jason rides to her rescue, Anthony changes the hit to include Jason.  Claudia's car has been tampered with and she goes off the side of a cliff.  She's supposed to be meeting with Jason and its SuperJase to the rescue.  The pair are RUMORED to hide out in a cabin. 

Stonecold and the Jackal are hot on the Devil's trail.  RUMORS have them confirming their suspicions that Ian was the shooter. 

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Anthony's loose.... UH-OH.  Alexis wants Sonny to tell Ric to leave ZaCrazy be.  Can he though?  Anthony's got a big date with a judge.  Johnny's less than thrilled with Ric Lansing and in the mob world, that's trouble.  Claudia will be a witness at Anthony's trial.  Will secrets come out on the stand?


Liason!  Still hearing they're getting back together.  We should be seeing some angst filled scenes, some longing.  A conversation between new besties, Robin and Elizabeth about their love lives.  The reunion may not happen as quickly as first reported.  It should occur in the next week to two.  They'll agree to meet in private until the threat is gone.  RUMORS say Jason may leave his hideout with Claudia and head straight to Elizabeth.  That May wedding I was telling you about?  Well it may not happen in May.  I am still seeing that Liason will marry but other storylines may have pushed the nuptials back a bit just as their reunion was slightly delayed.

The Crimson Party... Kate's been working on it in between shootings and fights with Sonny.  Maxie and Lulu just have another thing to fight over.  The party must go on though and RUMORS say its full of surprises.  Take these with a grain of salt, but I am hearing that someone winds up dead and a secret is out in the open for all to know.  Who's dying?  EARLY RUMORS suggest that Ian meets his maker.  With The Jackal, PI and Super Hero Stonecold hot on his heels, that makes sense.  Could it be Anthony or Trevor?  Both have been RUMORED to die ever since they came on to our screens.  What secret is exposed or should I say whose secret is exposed?  Most likely its either Kate's or the truth about Jacob Martin Spen... I mean Morgan.  I already told you that Claudia and possibly Ian find out about Jake.  I would guess its Kate's secret that's exposed or really Connie is exposed. 


A few more...

Sam's new job allows her to eavesdrop more... will she hear something that has her running back to Jason?  RUMORS say Claudia and Johnny should look for lurkers before they discuss delicate matters.

Logan teams up with.... Anthony?  What?  Well we know Anthony does not want his son chasing after some girl and guess what Logan doesn't want Johnny chasing after Lulu either. 

Spinelli wants to be Maxie's the Crimson party.

Trevor thinks Ric is an idiot... for falling for ZaCrazy's BS.