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General Hospital: Tristan Rogers Asks, "Where's The Hope On Daytime?"


Former General Hospital star and Daytime Confidential podcast guest Tristan Rogers recently posted an insightful new blog on his Official My Space page posing the question if now, with the nation and the world in a state of unrest, is actually the time for the daytime soap opera to embark on radical change?

Rogers admits that he has been at the forefront of calling for the industry to change in order to attract a new generation of fans, however he says that during other times of economic and political hardship, entertainment staples like movies and soaps provided audiences with a comfortable, safe, consistent form of escapism.

"I don't think anybody out there is immune to the stress and pressure's that we currently have in the world. A moments relief, wrapped in the familiarity of your favorite soap would, to me, make a lot of points,"
said Rogers. Click here to read more.

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