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TV Guide's Michael Logan Talks Days of Our Lives/All My Children Strike Drama


Veteran soap critic extraordinaire TV Guide's Michael Logan weighs in on the whole WGA Strike drama surrounding All My Children and Days of Our Lives not bringing back writers who were replaced during the Writers Strike. Logan says the shows former writers should have their contractual obligations paid off, but that they shouldn't be allowed to return to their previous posts because both Days and AMC are in a better place than before the Writers Strike.

I honesly don't know how I feel about the situation. Six months ago I would have totally agreed with Logan, but in recent months I have had the opportunity to get to know several daytime writers, who are some of the most passionate, courageous individuals ever, which has made me realize it is more to the issue than just whether my soap is currently good or not. And even though I agree with Logan that Days is MUCH better than it was pre-strike (AMC, not so much), that doesn't negate the fact that dozens of hard working writers lost their jobs while supporting their union. Would we even be having this discussion if this was say Ford Motor Company and picket line crossers had managed to make a better Mustang than their striking counterparts?

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