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Charity Auction With An Old GH Friend

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I know I know  I'm not someone that normally posts here HOWEVER I did find something of interest. The following is origianlly reported on Gateworld a Stargate news site :

"Stargate is lending its talent to the Waterkeeper Alliance in support of their Charity Buzz Earth Day Auctions!

Among the numerous celebrity auctions available is a visit to the Atlantis sets for lunch with Joe Flanigan ("Colonel John Sheppard"), as well as a lunch with Jewel Staite ("Dr. Jennifer Keller").

Also up for bid is a signed double kayak paddle from the casts of SG-1 and Atlantis and a lunch with Amanda Tapping ("Colonel Samantha Carter") on the set of her new television series, Sanctuary.

Last but not least, Richard Dean Anderson "General Jack O'Neill" has made himself available in Vancouver for lunch as well.          

Proceeds from the auctions will go to the Waterkeeper Alliance, "a coalition of more than 160 local Waterkeepers, community leaders who take personal responsibility for the health of the waterways and communities they represent."

Visit the Charity Buzz Web site to view the current bids! All auctions close on April 29."

For those that might not remember he played Dr. Jeff Webber in his pre-MacGyver days.

**As of this posting it seems that the Charity Buzz webiste is not working properly.  For details please see the Waterkeeper Alliance website**