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Daytime Confidential #230: ABC Bitchy Bangs

On today's ABC edition of Daytime Confidential Belinda, Tina and Luke discuss One Life to Live's "bitchy bangs," Luke and Tina's funniest Llanview moment of the week. Susan Haskell's possible return to her old stomping grounds and what might this mean for Michael Easton's John McBaine?


Where in the hell is Edward Quartermaine? Why isn't he there for his great grandson Michael? What on General Hospital turned Tina off? The Haunted Star reopens yet again. What about a Lulu/Johnny/Maxie triangle?

Ambyr Childrens leaves All My Children as Colby Chandler. Jake is being held hostage by militants. Where is Jamie and why doesn't the Martin family know that Jake is being held hostage?

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We also choose who our Performer of the Week from the three ABC soaps is.

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