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General Hospital: Hey Sonny, STOP HATING!


I never thought I'd see the day that this bonafide Sonny-lover was ready to turn in his membership to (not a real website, at least I hope it isn't!). I am beginning to see the writing on the wall, or the broken glass at my feet, where Sonny is concerned.

I am getting seriously sick of Sonny, mostly because of his shoddy treatment of other characters I love.Take Jason for instance. Where does Sonny get off badgering Jason about his personal life all the time? Ever since Jason fell in love with my wonderful Elizabeth, Sonny's been stomping around talking about Jason's lack of focus. Oh, so it's okay for the angry don to traipse all the way to Manhattan and back to woo Connie Katerini and then end up in bed with Claudia Roberts, er Zacharra? Lack of focus my Aunt Fanny's freckled bottom! Jason has held it down for Sonny and Co. for years! While Sonny and Carly have both at times lost their marbles all over Port Chuck Jason has kept their little makeshift "family" and Starbucks-with-Guns empire afloat.

Why doesn't Sonny worry about his own lack of focus? It was okay for Jason to take his knocked up, scuba diving, con artist concubine Sam off his hands when Sonny wanted to go back to Carly, but heaven forbid Jason find a real and lasting love on his own terms. Sonny having the sheer audacity to blame Jason for Michael's shooting was really the straw that broke this fan's back.

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Sonny's hateration doesn't end with Super Jase (able to leap tall Metro Courts and burst into churches with twin guns blazing), he also warned Lulu against the nicest mafioso in town, Johnny. I mean really, who is Sonny to block on Johnny? So the guy is a bit dangerous? Until he shoots Lulu in the head, he's got it all over Corinthos. Besides he plays the piano and likes to drive fast. Leave the kid alone!

Sonny's latest attempt to put salt in someone's game involves Diane and Max. While his son is lying brain dead at the General Mob Clinic and Supply Closet Sex Center, all Sonny can think about is a.) getting revenge and b.) keeping Max from getting some!

Maurice Benard better storm into Guza's office pronto and demand a few changes, especially if a long term Sonny-ite like me is getting fed up. I even find myself warming up to the sensible, if bland Jax.  Jax has always been like All My Children's Brooke English (love Julia Barr, but they could write her character so spineless at times) to me in that he always seems to be wading through Sonny's hand-me-downs like Brooke did Erica's. However, I must admit I am enjoying the more reasonable, mature Jax. And whaddya know, he hasn't snatched any Cassa-babies of late! It's time GH grew Sonny up and let him really start learning from his mistakes. You know there's something wrong when who's screwing who is more important to the character than his dying kid.