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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations April 22.08

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I hate the fact that Spinelli needed Jason’s help to get him and Maxie out of Devlin’s apartment. For once, I would have liked Spinelli to rescue himself and Maxie without the great one’s help. However, I loved the penthouse scene where Maxie basically kicked Jason’s butt without trying. Poor Jason just doesn’t know what to do with her.

Sam, Sam, Sam…what could she be thinking. Jason basically told her Devlin was dangerous and she admitted to being creeped out by him, but what does she do? Show up at his place, alone and basically start coming on to him. Not the smartest move.

Ric/Crazy Daddy: Ok, I understood Logan’s functions a little better today, although I’m still surprised he would accept a job where he’s basically helping a crazy old man do everything.

Loved the Liz/Robin conversation. More realistic mother to mother talk than just silly pregnancy symptoms. And no Jason propping, which is always good.

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Oh look, Sonny took time out from running Max and Diane’s relationship and his kooky plans, to stop by Micheal’s bed side for 5 minutes. Such a dedicated daddy.

I’ve never understood why soap characters basically invite themselves into other people’s homes or businesses when the host is not there. Diane being in Sonny’s office when he’s not there is bad enough, but entertaining Alexis, right down to the cup of espresso, was a bit much. Then Ric shows up and turns it into a party. I actually laughed when Sonny walked in and said, “did I call a meeting”.

Poor Carly, so much unreasonableness, but at the same time, I’m not sure I can fault her for not wanting to give up hope just yet. I want to shake her and tell her to snap out of it and see what’s right in front of her, but at the same time, I can understand and sympathize with the hope, however false it might be.

Once again, I ask, why is Devlin still alive? Claudia honey, arrange for the guy to have an accident already.