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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations April 23.08

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Where on earth does this show get it’s temporary replacement actors from? Because, from the Ric replacement to the Jax replacement and now to the Patrick replacement, they’re all terrible. I’m sure they’re great actors, but they’re totally not the person they’re supposed to be representing. I know he’s just replacing JT, but this guy was so totally not Patrick that it was scary. And I just read that he’s doing at least four episodes, which means we don’t get real Patrick with the fantastic Anna when she shows up tomorrow.

And while were on the subject of Robin, please, please, please stop with the “pregnant wimmins are idiots” stories. I was just pregnant, I did not lock myself out of my house. Not once. Right now while I’m sleep deprived, maybe, but not before!!!! And why was she looking for her keys in her purse if the door locks behind her anyway?

Claudia/AZ/Ric: Now that’s an interesting twist. Mess with Crazy Daddy’s head by telling him that she and Johnny hired Ric all along. Girl is a crazy sex kitten, but she’s also a smart cookie.

Problem with the editing though; Crazy’s henchman comes in to say that Jason pulled Claudia to safety, and only after that do we see Jason pull Claudia to safety. Apparently the henchman is psychic?

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Sam/Devlin: She worked him too fast. She’s a bonafide con woman, I would have thought she’d have more finesse than that. He totally saw right through her. And not for nothing, but her earrings were huge!! I kept thinking she could pull them over her head and use them as a necklace!

Anyone else notice that Ian’s flea infested place looks a lot like Logan’s old place, which looked a lot like L&L2’s old place?

Loved the Liz/Robin stuff again. Very smart, and realistic, to have Liz bring over old baby clothes for her.

Loved the look on Jax’s face as Carly decided she was going to bring Micheal home to care for. Not what he was expecting from her after the doctor’s reports.