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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops 04.23.08

Here's the Scoop!


Patrick's proposal... he asks, she says no.  Patrick hits the Haunted Star and gets some advice from Luke.  He'll go back to Robin and find out why she turned him down. She's not interested in being his obligation.  Despite him telling her otherwise, she doesn't buy it.  Patrick's motivation?  Michael's case has got to him.  He doesn't want to be separated from his child or it's mother. Robin feels they need a little space and she'll take some time off from GH.  I'm hearing Patty pops the question again somewhere down the road and this time, Robin says yes!

Jerry and Alexis are a go.  He'll be her date to the Crimson Launch Party. 

The Zacchara's... Anthony's free and awaiting trial.  Will Claudia tell the truth when she testifies? Johnny's throwing threats around.  He'll tell Logan to get a message to Ric.  Anything happens to Claudia, Ric will pay.  What about Caludia and Jason?  Well while they're trapped together, she annoys him and Jason leaves Claudia by herself in the cabin.  He'll come back just in time to play hero once again and takes out the gunman that was sent to kill them.  Claudia and Jason will have to dump the body. 

Anthony and Lulu?   Lulu tells ZaCrazy she's over Johnny.   Sonny has some words of warning for Lulu. Maxie's messing with Lu!  She'll have a plan to ruin Lulu at the Crimson Launch Party.  Will it blow up in Maxie's face?  Do I really need to answer that question?


Kristina Corinthos... needs some medical attention after a bumped head.  Daddy Ric comes. 

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Kate and Jax are being pushed away by their respective loved ones.  Carly leans more on Jason and Sonny just wants Kate to leave him alone. Is this a Jate test?  Maybe.  Carly finally agrees to take Michael to a long term facility to be cared for.

Speaking of Kate.  Jason has some questions for her.  Does it have to do with whatever secret that is supposed to come out at Crimson's Launch Party?  I'm seeing SPOILERS that suggest it has something to do with Ian and Kate's connection to him.

Nadine and Nikolas... I love Nadine, not sure I'm on board with this pairing.  They're RUMORED to be spending more time together.  They may be taking the horses out.  Different dates are being thrown out as Natalia's last airdate.  Some say May 1st others say its a bit later.  I'm hearing that their last scene together is Nikolas and Emily dancing.

Remember I mentioned a possible Logan and Leyla scene?  Well if those RUMORS are true, it looks like the two kiss!  Logan kisses Leyla on the docks to make Lulu jealous. 

Oh Spixie!  Spinelli tries to tell Maxie he has feelings for her.  Remember I said he'll look for guidance.  He might be consulting a book.  


Will the Jackal save the day?  SPOILERS say he rides into the rescue for both Maxie and Lulu.  Is it Maxie's plan that goes bad or something else? I am also seeing some SPOILERS that Maxie's realizes a large chunk of cash is missing from the Crimson account.  Is this where the Jackal's assistance is required? 

Liason Reunion... I'm a HUGE fan of this pairing and the wait is killing me.  I want them out in the open as a family already.  Enough is enough.  RUMORS had them reuniting and seeing each other in secret with a possible wedding in early May.  It seems like all that has been pushed back.  Jason and Liz may not start their secret love affair back up until mid-May.  They do share the screen today.   Jason is visiting Michael when Elizabeth comes to his room to check on her patient.

More on Sam... what happens now if Ian is going buh-bye?  LuSam?  It looks like Sam will have more screentime with her mom and cousin.  Whatever is next for the Cassadine Clan, Sam is RUMORED to be a part of it.  What about LuSam?  Not sure.  All reports say that TPTB know they're a popular pairing and that there will be something going on between them.