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Wishful Casting: Where In The (Soap) World Could Kim Zimmer Go? pt. I


Okay, let me first say that there is no, I repeat NO concrete talk of the fabulous Kim Zimmer leaving her legendary role as Reva Shayne on Guiding Light, but you'd have to have been living under a rock this week in Soapland not to know that Ms. Kim is a bit, shall we say cross, about the way things are going with her character at GL. So of course, you know me, my mind couldn't help but wonder where else the multiple-Emmy winner might end up should she decide to leave broadcasting's longest-running program.

Kim to Young and the Restless as Dr. Casey Reed

I was chatting with one of Daytime Confidential's faithful visitors in the comments section of the post regarding Zimmer's current state of unhappiness about how great it would be to see Zimmer go head on with Eric Braeden's Victor Newman on Young and the Restless (Feel free to remind me who you are as that post is now enormous and I couldn't sift  through the comments quick enough! LOL). So following in that vein, should Zimmer opt not to re-sign with GL, I propose she join the Bell sudser as a recast of Nikki's doctor sis Casey.

Casey hasn't been seen in Genoa City in years, so there wouldn't  have to be that much of an adjustment as with the usual recast. Wouldn't it be great to see the fiery Zimmer's Casey take Victor to task for his shoddy treatment of her sister and nephew? If there is anyone who can out yell Braeden it's Zimmer. 

It would also be wonderful for Casey to call Nikki's smarmy boy toy David (Vincent Irizarry) on his gambling addiction and clash with her sister over the issue. Then there are all the guys for Zimmer's Casey to mix it up with, including the aforementioned Braeden and Irizarry. Isn't it about time Jack Abbott was with a woman who was more his equal? I adore Sharon Case, but she comes off as arm candy with Peter Bergman's Jack. I'd much rather see her back in a hot triangle with Nick and Phyllis and let Jack play with a big girl like Zimmer! If TPTB don't like Zimmer for the role of Casey, then how about Amber's scheming trailer park Mama Tawny from Bold and the Beautiful fame? I was saving that one for Judi Evans, but what the heck!

Kim to Bold and the Beautiful as the long lost sister of Sally Spectra

Ever since Darlene Conley passed away, B&B has been lacking in the area of brassy, unforgiving dames who don't have sex to feel good about themselves, but simply have sex to feel good! Zimmer would be perfect as Sally's long lost sister Lola, who blows into town carying  trumped up secret trust documents that give her 20 percent of Spectra Fashions. Imagine the look of horror on Jackie's face when she realizes she has no choice but to go into business with this fire ball who has the fashion sense of a Las Vegas showgirl on speed! Bring back the woefully-underused-at-Days Joe Mascolo as Massimo and you'd have a ready made Baby Boomer triangle that doesn't involve the Logans or the Forresters! 


And what if Lola instantly recognizes Moss from a one night stand she had some 25 years ago? Around that time, Lola's 24-year-old daughter Shannon (ex-Days star Martha Madison) could show up in town catching the eye of Brandon Beemer's (remember this is JUST my Wishful Casting) Thomas Forrester. Is Thomas about to fall for his aunt? Hey this is Bold and the Beautiful! Don't worry, Lola also finds Patrick Duffy's Stephen quite familiar. What can I say? My fantasy characters get around!

Kim to All My Children as Liza Colby

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Since Marcy Walker has retired from acting, why not have Zimmer follow all of her exiting Springfielders and rumored-to-be exiting Springfielders over to Pine Valley as Liza Colby? Tbat show already has the ultimate grand dame in Susan Lucci, but I bet there could be room at the table for Zimmer, especially if she is brought on as Adam and Tad's ex-lady love and Colby's mother.

There is so much rich history being explored on AMC right now (allbeit with hit and miss success) with the returns of Liza's enemies Jesse and Angie and the object of her girlhood affections Greg Nelson soon-to-be added to the mix. Zimmer would fit in perfectly. I can totally visualize the scenes where Liza attempts to make ammends to Darnell Wiillams Jesse for her accusations of rape all those years ago. And with their children currently becoming involved on the soap, this storyline has the potential to be soaps at their history-laden best. Not to mention seeing Zimmer in a scene with Adam Canary or Michael E. Knight would likely require a cigarette afterwards and that's if they were just doing comedy!

Kim to One Life to Live as talk show host Veronica London

Okay, you're going "Say who, Say What???" This character, like Lola Spectra above, is from my own imagine, so be kind. A wildly successful talk show host/lifestyle guru named Veronica London pops up in Llanview- think Oprah meets Martha. The glamorous Ms. London takes a keen interest in Marcie McBain. She wants to produce a TV-movie based on Marcie's life-The Killing Club murders, losing Sam to Todd and Blair-she also makes it a point that she can't stand Todd Manning.


What gives? Who is this mystery woman Shaggy? The plot thickens when Marcie's dad comes to town and she tells him all about the wonderful lady who wants to make her a star. When Mr. Walsh sees Veronica it's as if he's seen a ghost, literally.

Once Marcie's out of earshot he asks her a tense, "What the hell are you doing here?"  She replies, "I needed to be with my daughter." Cue the organ music. Veronica London is Marcie's long believed dead mother! It turns out Mama Walsh had these awful itchings and stirrings to run off to Hollywierd and make it as a star. So when she packed up and left her kids on the back of a drifter's motorcycle. Mr. McBain thought it would be easier to tell the kids she'd died than to tell them the truth.,that she had abandonded them.

  Now Ronnie is back and she plans to make ammends to her children if it's the last thing she does. Look out Todd. Oh and did I mention the motorcycle riding drifter she abandoned her kids for was none other than Charlie?

Okay, now I looked on Soap Central AND Wikipedia to find out the real backstory on Marcie's mom and turned up with zilch, so if she died in front of her forgive me and blame the Margaritas! Next time I'll tell you who I think Zimmer should play on Days, GH and As The World Turns. Stay tuned for more Wishful Castings!