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Antonio Sabato Jr. Joins NBC's "Circus"


Another day, another reality show greenlit. Coming soon (unfortunately) to a television set, personal computer screen or one of those little dohickeys that I can't imagine someone wanting to watch television on,  near year will be NBC's Celebrity Circus. That's right ladies and germs, step right up to see a motley crew of semi celebs from yesteryear-including former General Hospital, Melrose Place and Bold and the Beautiful heartthrob Antonio Sabato Jr.-perofrm such death defying feats as high-wire acts and trapeze stunts. In addition to Sabato Jr., one-time supermodel Rachel Hunter, Brady Bunch alum Christopher Knight, one-hit-wonder R&B singer Blue Cantrell, someone named "Wee-Man" and Janet Evans will (cough) "star". NSync memberJoey Fatone will serve as ringmaster for the series premiering June 11. Isn't this like his 17th reality show? How do you go from the number one boy band in the world to Cirque du Soeil for D-Listers?

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