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General Hospital: Emily Quartermaine's Last Dance


Stock up on the Kleenex, or the barf bags, depending on how you feel about the couple, but at any rate Nelson Branco is reporting that May 7 is the last episode for Natalia Livingston's Emily Bowen Quartermaine Smith Cassadine on General Hospital. I guess the brain fart brought on by the Prince's tumor is starting to clear up, so Em can now join the Great Quartermaine Family Reunion in the Sky after one final dance with her most recent true love. I actually used to like the couple before they killed Emily, but this ghost/figment bit is as overplayed on daytime as amnesia and Who's the Daddy? I say good for Nikolas (Tyler Christopher). Maybe now he can focus on little whatshisname! Poor kid. First the Monkey Flu took him Mama off to wrestle in oil on The L Word, then his daddy would rather die of a brain tumor that lets him fantasize about his dead ex than see after him! Hey Em, tell AJ I said to go easy on the Tequila shots! Hey, you have your ideas about heaven and I have mine!

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