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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops 04.24.08

Here's the Scoop!

Kate pays off Ian??? WTH???  Is she trying to save Sonny?  Yep!  Sonny looks to Kate for some comfort sex and after he leaves, Ian shows up.  Kate's already shaken by the latest attempt on Sonny's life and she feels that more violence is not the answer.  So when Ian shows up and tells her he shot Michael what will Kate do?  Ian wants money to leave town and Kate doesn't want Sonny retaliating against his son's shooter.  The price tag?  One Million Dollars!  Remember that missing money from Crimson's accounts?  


RUMORS that Carly and Jax's marriage will hit some bumps due to Michael's shooting.  Those are starting with Carly refusing to believe Michael's prognosis and her leaning on Jason more than her husband.  The RUMORS go on to say that while both Jax and Kate are pushed aside, Carly and Sonny may be repairing their relationship.  It won't necessarily be a romantic repair, but as parents to Morgan, Carly and Sonny need to find some common ground.  I'm seeing some SPOILERS that have Jax asking Carly if he can adopt Michael and Morgan.  No way in hell will Sonny ever let that happen.  NOTE: Ingo Rademacher is awaiting the birth of his first child.  Look for Jax to be offscreen as IR will most likely be taking one of his long vacations.  There are still RUMORS that Ingo is leaving all together. 

Is it Jason that finally convinces Carly to take Michael to a private facility?  Yep.

The mags are reporting that Natalia's last airdate will be Wednesday, May 7th.  SPOILERS say Nikolas decorates the ballroom at Wyndamere and his mind creates a beautiful Emily Quartermaine.  The couple dance and say goodbye.  

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Anna's back today!  Yay!  Are we getting a Mac scene too?  SPOILERS say Robin is a little fed up with her mom and her baby's daddy.  She just may be looking to her Uncle Mac for a little heart to heart.

The Haunted Star is trouble, especially for Luke and Tracey.  RUMORS say Luke stuns his wife with an I Love You.  There are also RUMORS out there that Alexis wants to shut the casino down. 

The Jason Cook casting... great grab on GH's part.  RUMORS say he could be a re-cast of Stephen Lars Webber, Elizabeth's older brother.  I'm not so sure that works for me.  Other RUMORS say he's playing a completely new character that is a HIV expert. Obviously if that's true, he'll tie into Robin's pregnancy storyline. SLW was a forensic specialist.  Conflicting RUMORS say that SLW is being re-cast but it could be Brian Presley (Jack Ramsey, Port Charles) in the role.  There is some talk that a SLW re-cast is romantically intended for Sam. 


Robin's health.   I am still seeing that Robin's health comes into play during her pregnancy.  So far all the SPOILERS about health scares and bed rest have not happened.