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'Gossip Girl' Premiere Scores Mixed Results From Nielsens


All the hype surrounding the return of The CW's primetime drama Gossip Girl-including Michelle Trachtenburg (ex-Lily, All My Children) in a heavily-hyped limited run-helped the teen soap score The CW's highest rated Monday night ever among the netlet's target demo, 18-34 year-olds. However with just 2.4 million in overall households, the show didn't quite do as well as The CW had expected, according to I must say that I missed the show and was really bummed when I remembered I couldn't watch it online. So I take back everything I said to Sean and Luke on Primetime Pulse defending The CW's decision to only air the five remaining shows of the season on television. I guess it's official, I've joined the techno revolution.

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