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Lucy Liu In Talks To Get "Dirty"


It's look like Noelle Beck (Lily, As The World Turns) isn't the only cast member of ABC's recent stinker Cashmere Mafia who has found herself new employment possibilities. Lucy Liu is in serious negotiations to join the cast of the far superior ABC primetime soap Dirty Sexy Money next season as a regular. However her potential role on the show is contigent upon whether or not ABC actually cancels Mafia or decides to bring it back as a midseason replacement. I'm sorry, but bringing Cashmere Mafia back would be the equivalent of giving New York from Flavor of Love her own series. Oh wait, they did that. Cashmere Mafia was a dismal attempt at recapturing the fabulosity that was Sex and the City. NBC's Lipstick Jungle is a much closer match in spirit and style to the groundbreaking HBO hit both shows were trying to mimick. I say put a fork in Mafia and let Lucy go romp it up with the Darlings, the best dysfunctional clan to hit TV since General Hospital's Quartermaine's started catching one fatal bullet after another!

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