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One Life To Live: BREAKING NEWS-Nash Out In May; Carlo Hesser Returns

Old Home Week continues over at One Life To Live as another blast from the show's past, Thom Christopher's Carlo Hesser, is set to a return engagement. I have to admit my history with the character of Carlo is limited to Christopher's recent stint when the character took over the prison Cristian Vega was being held in. But from what I hear from my soap peeps like Tina and Nelson, the character is phenomenal. All I know is in the capable hands of Ron Carlivati, whose post-Strike storylines begin airing May 2nd, I am sure it will be spectacular. 


In other Llanview news Forbes March is out as Nash. I don't know about the rest of you, but I am really going to miss Nash. His romance with that bag-of-nuts Tess was one of the few bright spots of that era on OLTL. Here's hoping Days snatches him up to play Sami's twin and Nicole's first love Eric Brady, with Dax Griffin shortly following as Brady Black! Yeah, I'm beating a dead horse, So what? The horse said she likes it! Consenting Mammals people, consenting mammals!

I know I don't blog about OLTL much, because a.) I cover the CBS shows and Days for the podcast so they are always on my radar and b.) I usually only gripe about shows when I have a reason to complain, but let me go on record here by saying OLTL is consistently entertaining and classic. It's a nice dinner with a wine from a good year. Whereas GH is an okay beer with pizza. Both can hit the spot, but one sometimes leaves you belching and popping Antacids!

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