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To Ad Zap or Not To Ad Zap?

According to Advertising Age, ABC's monster hit primetime soap Grey's Anatomy is the most ad-zapped primetime show on Tivo. This phenomenon presents Madison Avenue with quite the dilemma, since on one hand ratings powerhouses like Grey's are the very shows they want advertise their clients products on, which allows networks like ABC to charge top dollar for commercial space. But if people are fast forwarding through the ads, the nets have to come up with other ways to justify their pricing for commercial spots and advertisers have to come up with more creative ways to promote their clients products. 

I guess I am definitly part of the problem, because I ad zap during all programs, especially 30 minute shows like sitcoms and The Bold and the Beautiful, because if you ad zap, you only have about 15-20 minutes of story to watch, which makes it convenient if say you have to blog about television. So what about you? Do you ad zap your favorite daytime and primetime shows, or do you watch the commercials to see if there's something you may want to watch or buy?

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